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Cloud Computing

BluePool offer Cloud solutions, utilising services from the leading suppliers in the industry such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platforms.

It’s indisputable that the world is moving in the direction of Cloud hosting for a lot of business needs. With internet speeds getting faster and wireless technology improving in both security and efficiency it makes sense that businesses explore these new Cloud based options.

BluePool currently have many clients utilising the cloud, some clients have fully migrated to Cloud based systems where as others have a partial cloud solution incorporating on premesis equipment.

Working in the Cloud does offer several benefits:

  • Connect Anywhere
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Offsite Storage
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
  • Greater Scalability

Whatever your decision BluePool can help you implement a full or part Cloud solution to ensure that your current infrastructure integrates well with Cloud services.

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